Farm Shares. Customized.

Customize your CSA share with vegetables and fruits grown and gathered by Down to Earth Harvest from our fields and other area farms and orchards.

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  • ​​Full choice CSA shares with unlimited scheduling flexibility
  • Wide selection of produce naturally grown by Down to Earth Harvest
  • 3 Harvest Season Options – Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Also featuring produce from other local Farms
  • Pay as you go subscription options

Our Take on CSA

Down to Earth Harvest has modernized the traditional CSA while keeping the core values of Community Supported Agriculture.

  • All of our offerings are from local, family farms ensuring that your purchase supports our local agriculture economy.
  • We grow and gather products harvested at their peak and distribute them in an efficient manner, bringing members produce that tastes better and is better for you.
  • Our model reduces the environmental impact of food production and distribution. We prioritize stewardship of natural resources while using less packaging and accumulating fewer food miles than traditional grocery stores.

Down to Earth Harvest has adapted our model to accommodate more Eaters.

  • We work with other local producers to bring Members the best of local farms, offering 30+ different fresh products each week.
  • We allow members to fully customize their share each week through our online farm stand. This has reduced waste and increased yum!
  • We offer unlimited scheduling flexibility with multiple seasons and the ability to place a hold on your account whenever needed.