Happy Frost

We have gotten our 1st frost of the season this week. The cooler weather sweetens up fall favorites and makes me hungry for big comforting meals. Try roasting or braising any of our roots including radishes and fennel for a cozy meal or side.

Recommended this week

Sweet Salad Turnips (aka hakurei turnips) are easy to love. Also know as hakuri turnip. Try them sliced and eaten with humus for lunch; stir-fried or roasted for dinner. The greens are tasty too. Delicious and nutritious.

HoneyNut Squash are butternut squash’s lil sister. Sweet and nutty, just halve and roast to round out a meal. Their small size makes them great to reheat for lunch too.

Dandelion greens are pleasingly bitter. They can be added to soup (think escarole) or snuck into a sandwich. Of course you can always drizzle a little bacon vinaigrette over them and tell everyone how terrible it is cause you don’t want to share.

Pome Fruits

Apples. Pears. Asian pears. These pome fruits dominate the fruit options right into the winter. With new varieties coming into production it is becoming easier to find a new favorite. We will be offering Harrow Sweet pears, Yoinashi™ asian pears and CrimsonCrisp® apples from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm. These new and improved varieties have been selected for better resistance to diseases of the Mid-Atlantic resulting in less chemical inputs. They all have superior eating qualities to the old commercial standards. Also a Kauffman’s offering, almost organic Johnathon apples for their reduced pesticide block they have been exploring with Penn State Extension.

Recommended this week.

Broccolini are tender side shoots of broccoli. They are always recommended.

Fennel Gorgeous, aromatic and different. Last week for fennel with tops.

Spinach We are swimming in beautiful pools of spinach right now. Throw me a rope and get some.


Summer Holds On

Our tomatoes peppers and summer squash are enjoying these bright and warm days. You should too, don’t get stuck inside.

Recommended this week.

Arugula. We will be in between groups in the coming week or two. Get it while you can.

French Breakfast Radishes come and go quickly so grab a bunch if you’re inclined.

Plum Tomatoes. Our all purpose late season tomatoe is still going strong. If your not sick of tomatoes yet get a bag.

Storage Notes

A few tips on proper storage.

Many commercially sold produce is treated post harvest with food grade wax and/or anti-desiccants to improve self life. Not here. Our produce needs a little extra care to keep your greens crispy, herbs lively and fruits snappy. The biggest issue for our produce is moisture loss, kale chard head lettuce and herbs will tire and cucumbers broccoli beets and so on may get rubbery. To combat this fatigue keep your veg covered either in a plastic bag or sealed container. If items become limp you can perk them back up with a splash of cool water and a plastic bag lightly closed. Or try those now popular waxed produce wraps for a reusable solution.

The exception is mushrooms, remove the outer plastic bag and place the remaining paper bag in an open bowl in the fridge. The paper lets the mushrooms breath and keeps them from becoming slimy.

Recommended this week

Spring Mix Our mix this week is heavy on the spinach with arugula and baby lettuces. Take your lunch game to a new level by creating salads in-a-jar. Prep several at once to make the choice easy when time crunches you. Our tip, don’t add dressing until your ready to eat cause you just don’t know what dressing you’ll be in the mood for and they keep better.

Green Beans We eat these puppies raw or stir fried. The snap and sweetness of these high powered legumes make these an easy snack or get you skillet hot and blister them and finish with three splashes of soy for a easy side to any dinner.

Sweet Potatoes This super food doesn’t need to get dressed up for a delicious time. Baked or roasted your eating well.

Fall Feels

The cooler weather brings a change in appetite and offerings.

Recommended this week.

Honey Crisp Apples grown by our friends at Frecon Farm. These apples can team up with peanut butter to create something simple and decadent for kids of all ages. A staple of the lunch box or a sweet treat anytime of the day.

Butternut Squash from our fields. A smaller butternut, ‘butterscotch’ squash, bred for sweetness, richness, and complex flavor. The perfect size for dinner (no leftovers).

Red Beets grown by us. Fresh harvested with out the tops. Par-boil these beauties for easy peeling and a thoughtless mid week side by roasting them off in the oven.

Kale and Chard from our fields. These staple greens are as good as they get right now. cooler weather and young plants = tender mild and nutritious bunches.


Sweet September

Our fall season will be kicking off with everyone’s summer favorites. Fill up on corn, tomatoes, beans, summer squash and watermelon, if that’s your thing. They will be fading away as the cooler temps move in.

Recommended this week

Plum Tomatoes – Not just for sauce. “Juliet,’ a small plum, that is great fresh in a panzanella salad. Rich tomato flavor, that’s as snack-able as a cherry and great on a burger or sandwich.

Patty Pan Squash – Delicate sweet cousin of zucchini. Simply grilled or sautéed = yum.

Lettuce – Romaines this week. Sturdy enough to anchor a salad that eats like a meal. Check out this ‘‘Salad greens by the numbers’ chart. Go Romaine!