4 Ways to Make 2018 A Lil’Bit Better

  • More Fruit – We are growing strawberries for shares this season and are partnering to include Frecon Farms to offer fruit every 3rd week. Opt out options will be offered for folks who don’t care for fruit.
  • More Choices/Less Leafy Greens – We will be creating two different boxes each week to give satellite pick ups more flexibility on choices and offering alternate items for on farm pick ups. While growing less leafy greens there will still plenty to go around.
  • Second Chance Pick Up Window – Stop in without notice 8-8 Thursday and grab what you missed the day before. Can’t make it, Thursday let us know before night fall and we will work with you to make other arrangements. Any vacation holds or excused misses can be made up at the end of the season.
  • Pick Your Own and Living Herbs – We will be offering PYO herbs and a kids pick’n’patch throughout the season and Farm Wide PYO in August. We are also going to be offering potted herbs as an alternative to bunched herb choice.IMG_9058

5 Not So Obvious Reasons You Should Join Our CSA

table market

1) It Frees Up Your Brain and Simplifies Your Life

While joining our CSA limits your choice, behavioral economist and Swarthmore professor, Barry Schwartz explains why that’s not a bad thing. The author of The Paradox of Choice, has studied option overload in American culture and concluded that people are happier when they have limited choice. With 3 meals a day your faced with over 1000 meal choices every year. A CSA is a chance to not think about what’s for dinner. You pick up your share and work backward from there. It takes one decision off your plate and replaces it with a simple and healthy no-brainer.

2) You Have a Picky Eater in the House

Eating habits are learned. Introducing a variety of colorful and flavorful vegetable options to your young (or not so young) eaters expand their palettes and preferences. Continue reading

Zac Joins the Team

Zac has joined us in the fields and at the market for 2016. He brings the right attitude and tons of energy to our every day rhythm. Zac has been a part of many Chester County vegetable operations and last year founded and operated Full Circle CSA with his partner Sammy. Zac will be honing his craft in our fields for 2016 as he continues to maintain his local agricultural relationships and farmland search. You can find Zac operating our market stand at the Eagleview Farmers Market on Thursdays 3-7.

Certified Naturally Grown

We are proud to be a member of the Grass-Roots effort to create a parallel, peer-reviewed, farmer-based alternative to Certified Organic. Down to Earth Harvest is pleased to be recognized as Certified Naturally Grown. Check out our profile here and see the other Pennsylvania Farmers have joined the growing movement that CNG represents.

Certified Naturally Grown means…

  • No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMO seeds; and for livestock producers, no antibiotics or hormones.
  • Annual inspections done by farmers
  • Designed for family-sized farms, not agribusiness


A New Reality

The day we knew we we’re expecting everything changed…not really in that moment, but looking back over this past year a lot has changed for us. We have moved our lives north 8 miles to Downingtown, bringing a new beginning for our farm business and our family. With Amy back to teaching Bob’s new reality blends small farm hustle with a stay-at–home-dad sensibility. Summertime will bring a new role for Amy, giving Bob time to make the most of his growing season. This life dynamic has so much potential for personal satisfaction, if we can remind ourselves that each day is a gift and that journey is the reward. With this in mind we will be retooling our farm model to focus more on our CSA.

Stay in touch cause a lot can happen in a season!

IMG_9195 IMG_9511


Our radish has arrived!

Down to Earth Harvest recently welcomed a new member to the family, Ruth (“Ruthie”) Jolynn Todd.  We have been enjoying every minute with our new bundle of joy.  Many have asked for photos, so please enjoy!

ruth radish hat holding ruth first family photo ruth alert ruth laughing ruth sleeping on dad  ruth sleeping ruth knee up