How Our Farm Shares Work

Farm shares grown and gathered by Down to Earth Harvest from our fields and other area farms and orchards.

Down to Earth Harvest offers fully customizable CSA Farm Shares featuring produce grown and gathered from local farms in Chester County. Down to Earth Harvest produces over 30 different vegetables, but with so many local farms growing incredible produce throughout the region we have the opportunity to bring eaters so much more.

Each week members choose how their box is filled through our user-friendly online farm-market. That’s right, each week we bring together the best of local produce and let you choose exactly what you receive! We then custom pack your share and distribute it to pick-up locations in neighborhoods across the area.

With unlimited scheduling flexibility so you’ll never have to think twice about scheduling a hold. Down To Earth Harvest makes eating-well easy and delicious.

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CSA Share

Interested about where the products came from and how they were grown? Of course you are. All items are source identified with growing practices listed. And for quality, you’ll never have to worry, we will continue to grow and source the freshest, tastiest produce you’ll find anywhere.

We offer two sessions, 14-week Summer Harvest and 14-week Fall Harvest, with weekly or bi-weekly commitments.

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Food decisions can be overwhelming, let us help you make informed choices. CSA Share 2