Covid-19 Protocols and Spring Treats

Although our farm transitioned to an online, contactless platform last year we have made significant changes in our everyday operations and distribution to address Covid-19 transmission. While following the Covid-19 guidance issued by the PA Dept. Of Agriculture we are also making these changes.

  • We are keeping our team members to an absolute minimum (3) and prioritizing working solo.
  • All team members are equipped with face masks
  • We are closed to visitors and volunteers
  • All on farm pick ups are now left outside
  • We are transitioning to hard plastic, sanitizable totes.
  • We are reducing the products that we bring in from other farms
  • We are reinforcing good hand hygiene and washing hourly

Spring Treats

Spring greens are on feature as we open our season. Try making pizza using spinach and mushrooms or arugula with goat cheese. Kale snuck into lasagna or smoothies. Wraps with pea shoots. Spring mix with all the fixings. Mashed celeriac on a cool night.

For any aspiring or avid gardeners we will have a range of plant starts for your garden, window box or planter. Get them soon because they are ready to grow.