Plant Something


Our cherry  trees 4 years ago

‘Planting a tree is having hope for the future’

Zac Heacock, in the field every Spring.

A tree, a garden, a flower, a shrub planted today reflects our optimism for tomorrow. We have been riffing on the idea for more than a few years and it’s an idea certainly worth sharing in these times. Let’s all make tomorrow a little brighter and enjoy the day we have by planting a garden. We are offering advice, compost, amendments, and plants for pick up in a socially distant fashion for no charge. Please reach out by email to schedule a stop in or phone call, together we can lean-in to uncertain times.

Here’s a plan. Find a sunny, not wet spot, 3 feet wide by 10-15 feet long. Using a shovel, scrape off existing sod (the top 1-2 inches) and pile it up in an out of the way spot. This will be added back after it has broken down and is a great ingredient for home-made compost. Next, stop by our farm with a couple of totes and a shovel and load your own compost from our garden mix. Spread the compost over the bed and add any homemade compost or well rotted material and spread evenly. Use your shovel to aerate the existing soil and lightly incorporate the compost by inserting your shovel fully into the ground and pulling back to lift, but not turn the soil. Work your way around the bed, repeating about every square foot. Next week come back to the farm and pick up some cool weather plants, sets, or seeds and a tote of top dressing. You will be set for a spring plot. Then, start your summer plot repeating the same process, having it ready to plant early May.

For success: Keep it small. Keep it close. Get good plant starts. Keep improving.

For folks with pots or an already started garden we’d be happy to guide you too.

Sow peas, spinach and onion sets this week. We also have a few two foot pine trees ready to plant, please give them a home.