Happy Frost

We have gotten our 1st frost of the season this week. The cooler weather sweetens up fall favorites and makes me hungry for big comforting meals. Try roasting or braising any of our roots including radishes and fennel for a cozy meal or side.

Recommended this week

Sweet Salad Turnips (aka hakurei turnips) are easy to love. Also know as hakuri turnip. Try them sliced and eaten with humus for lunch; stir-fried or roasted for dinner. The greens are tasty too. Delicious and nutritious.

HoneyNut Squash are butternut squash’s lil sister. Sweet and nutty, just halve and roast to round out a meal. Their small size makes them great to reheat for lunch too.

Dandelion greens are pleasingly bitter. They can be added to soup (think escarole) or snuck into a sandwich. Of course you can always drizzle a little bacon vinaigrette over them and tell everyone how terrible it is cause you don’t want to share.