Pome Fruits

Apples. Pears. Asian pears. These pome fruits dominate the fruit options right into the winter. With new varieties coming into production it is becoming easier to find a new favorite. We will be offering Harrow Sweet pears, Yoinashi™ asian pears and CrimsonCrisp® apples from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm. These new and improved varieties have been selected for better resistance to diseases of the Mid-Atlantic resulting in less chemical inputs. They all have superior eating qualities to the old commercial standards. Also a Kauffman’s offering, almost organic Johnathon apples for their reduced pesticide block they have been exploring with Penn State Extension.

Recommended this week.

Broccolini are tender side shoots of broccoli. They are always recommended.

Fennel Gorgeous, aromatic and different. Last week for fennel with tops.

Spinach We are swimming in beautiful pools of spinach right now. Throw me a rope and get some.