Storage Notes

A few tips on proper storage.

Many commercially sold produce is treated post harvest with food grade wax and/or anti-desiccants to improve self life. Not here. Our produce needs a little extra care to keep your greens crispy, herbs lively and fruits snappy. The biggest issue for our produce is moisture loss, kale chard head lettuce and herbs will tire and cucumbers broccoli beets and so on may get rubbery. To combat this fatigue keep your veg covered either in a plastic bag or sealed container. If items become limp you can perk them back up with a splash of cool water and a plastic bag lightly closed. Or try those now popular waxed produce wraps for a reusable solution.

The exception is mushrooms, remove the outer plastic bag and place the remaining paper bag in an open bowl in the fridge. The paper lets the mushrooms breath and keeps them from becoming slimy.

Recommended this week

Spring Mix Our mix this week is heavy on the spinach with arugula and baby lettuces. Take your lunch game to a new level by creating salads in-a-jar. Prep several at once to make the choice easy when time crunches you. Our tip, don’t add dressing until your ready to eat cause you just don’t know what dressing you’ll be in the mood for and they keep better.

Green Beans We eat these puppies raw or stir fried. The snap and sweetness of these high powered legumes make these an easy snack or get you skillet hot and blister them and finish with three splashes of soy for a easy side to any dinner.

Sweet Potatoes This super food doesn’t need to get dressed up for a delicious time. Baked or roasted your eating well.