4 Ways to Make 2018 A Lil’Bit Better

  • More Fruit – We are growing strawberries for shares this season and are partnering to include Frecon Farms to offer fruit every 3rd week. Opt out options will be offered for folks who don’t care for fruit.
  • More Choices/Less Leafy Greens – We will be creating two different boxes each week to give satellite pick ups more flexibility on choices and offering alternate items for on farm pick ups. While growing less leafy greens there will still plenty to go around.
  • Second Chance Pick Up Window – Stop in without notice 8-8 Thursday and grab what you missed the day before. Can’t make it, Thursday let us know before night fall and we will work with you to make other arrangements. Any vacation holds or excused misses can be made up at the end of the season.
  • Pick Your Own and Living Herbs – We will be offering PYO herbs and a kids pick’n’patch throughout the season and Farm Wide PYO in August. We are also going to be offering potted herbs as an alternative to bunched herb choice.IMG_9058