5 Not So Obvious Reasons You Should Join Our CSA

table market

1) It Frees Up Your Brain and Simplifies Your Life

While joining our CSA limits your choice, behavioral economist and Swarthmore professor, Barry Schwartz explains why that’s not a bad thing. The author of The Paradox of Choice, has studied option overload in American culture and concluded that people are happier when they have limited choice. With 3 meals a day your faced with over 1000 meal choices every year. A CSA is a chance to not think about what’s for dinner. You pick up your share and work backward from there. It takes one decision off your plate and replaces it with a simple and healthy no-brainer.

2) You Have a Picky Eater in the House

Eating habits are learned. Introducing a variety of colorful and flavorful vegetable options to your young (or not so young) eaters expand their palettes and preferences. When youngsters come out to the farm or meet us at our market stand, they are engaged and encouraged to try something new or something they decided they will never like. Pulling a carrot, picking a cucumber and seeing other families excited about their harvest inspires curiosity and connects families to their food. When picky eaters are consistently introduced to fresh and healthy options and see others enjoying them they become interested and it gives them a chance to try something different.

3) Health and Wellness Investment

Becoming a CSA Member is a single choice you make. That choice continues to help you make better eating decisions throughout the season. Unlike a gym members, CSA Members are excited to get the share and excited to share it with their families. The simple choice of becoming a member ripples through the people you eat with and through out the season. Its an opportunity to relearn the art of eating. Who knew making one key lifestyle could taste and feel so could.

4) Family Fun on the Farm and in the Kitchen

We invite families out for a taste and touch tour of the Farm before our season starts. It is a chance for the Eaters to get comfortable with our ‘matter-of-fact, nobodies a stranger round here’ kind of nature and help out with a few chores on the farm. Children always seem to enjoy the atmosphere of the farm, whether its going  to feed the chickens, eating lettuce right off the table or asking us, ‘Where are the old guys?’ thinking that all farmers must be old men. Folks with and without kids in the house, enjoy spending time in the kitchen and getting creative with the produce they’ve received that week. Every pick-up turns into a ‘what we ate this week’ recipe swap.

5) You Don’t Realize You Actually Like Vegetables

I didn’t know that I liked vegetables growing up…green beans from a can with vinegar, steamed Brussels sprouts and hot-house tomatoes, yuck! Its not a surprise many vegetables have such bad reputations. Vegetables have been treated as a pleasureless obligation to round out a meal. Imagine if we treated our steaks or chicken like many folks treat their carrots, steamed, often over cooked, with little to no seasoning. Eating fresh vegetables that are prepared with as much thought and attention as your protein, tend to turn the ‘I don’t eat vegetables’ crowd into ‘lets have those grilled vegetables again’ kind of people.